Another night of very little sleep due to it being freezing in here. The only time I've known of heating being on is during the day, and only because I can hear the radiator in my room, not because of feeling any actual heat. And no wonder I couldn't sleep. It's 28 degrees for the low, high of 46!
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Apparently turning the heat way down is a thing? I've come across a lot of people who do this, and when I got a new thermostat installed, with the option of programming different temps at different hours, the suggested settings always had the night time temps a lot lower than daytime. WTF people? How is it okay to get frost bite in your sleep.
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I'm going to bring up the heat next chance I get. I'm off today and will try to sort out the mess I currently have going on.

RCC, there is no heat at all. No heat and 28 degree temps outside. 64 degrees is too cold for me, but I doubt it's even that in the room.

Okay, been over the complete pointlessness of red velvet, but just saw someone eating red velvet munchkins and no way will someone make me believe that they taste like anything but regular munchkins with red food coloring.