legends, I am deeply against the occupation and am part of several organizations that work toward ending the occupation, and I think that the siege of Gaza has harmed civilians so much that it's inexcusable, but to understand the siege it has to be understood how bad Hamas really is.

One of the questions nobody asks is "Where does Hamas get the material for rockets?" Some have been smuggled in through Egypt and others were made from water pipes and lampposts Israelis put down in the region while they were occupying it and were hoping Gaza residents could now use. They terrorize the south, a sparsely populated and generally very poor area simply because it's there. The majority of the population in the south live with PTSD because of rocket attacks.

Like I said, I am deeply against the occupation and have worked with different lobbying groups that are trying to put international pressure on Israel (who I believe has the power here) to end it. I think the food blockade is inexcusable and there is no way it can be justified. But I also truly believe that there's no possibility for peace until Hamas is out of power. This does not excuse the civilian deaths happening in Gaza, however. Fatah, I believe in; despite the many, many problems with them I do think that they've done many things right, including their bid to be a nonmember observer at the UN.

I understand that this is a pretty leftist view. However, I believe that the best governments in Israel and Palestine are ones that truly care about the well-being and human rights of the people living there. It feels like none of them do right now.
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"We’ll not live like this. They will try to bury us with false manifestos, inscribe us in wars against false enemies but we’ll sing songs about dying from loving the wrong cowboy and gospel; our bodies will burn in effigies of promise. I swear."

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