I fail to see how targeting civilians will defeat Hamas.

Does no one see the connection between some Palestinians' support of Hamas and Israel's actions over the past decades? What, Palestinians are supposed to just accept loss of land and food blockades? The power imbalance it huge, how they can be seen as equal aggressors is beyond me.
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Israel does not target citizens. Hamas put their weapons manufacturers in populated neighborhoods. Hamas offers Palestinian children for sacrifices to make Israel look worse. Certainly these deaths are unjustified, as is illegal occupation. However, Hamas does not try to help the Palestinians.

If you recall, Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and Gaza reverted to its 1948 boundaries. Hamas became the de facto government. Hamas immediately closed down newspapers, and any citizens rebellions were suppressed. After Hamas gained political power, 697 rockets and 822 mortar bombs have been fired directly at Israel.

Palestinians don't necessarily support Hamas! All the "blockades" result directly from Hamas' continual rocket and scud attacks. Hamas uses the Palestinians in the Gaza strip as political pawns in their illogical craze for international imposition of Sharia law, and their obsessions with destruction of Israel, and any other democracy.

After the Gaza war in 2008, Hamas deliberately published lies about casualties and losses. Independent inspectors analyzed the supposed sites of devastation, and found nothing to support the alleged crimes against civilians. Warfare destroyed much agriculture, causing a food shortage.

Hamas isn't just anti-Israeli, it's anti-women. Hamas has been compared to the Taliban by the people of Palestine themselves, and many Palestinians have expressed that they understand why Israel is bombing Hamas' weapons manufacturers (weapons parts are purchased from Iran).
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