I hate that. I can not sleep well in a cold house. I have heard some people mention electric throw blankets recently. They are a little less expensive than the actual blankets, and considering that they do not last very long, that might be a better option. You could at least get some rest.
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I was going to suggest a heated throw, too. I would put it between the sheet and your top blanket so it gets really warm as opposed to laying it right on top of your blanket. We've got a heated mattress pad and crawling into a warm bed when the room is cold is the best ever. When we lived in CT I couldn't have gotten to sleep without it because that house was so cold. Last night I was saying how nice it was to be in a home that is actually warm versus a home we paid $600 a month to heat in the winter but was like being in an ice box, painfully cold.

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