I want a German Shepard soooo bad! When I get a house I'm definitely going to get a baby/puppy one and raise it. I've always liked them because them seem so sweet but at the same time they can scare ppl and protect my house
The store around the corner from me had this huge old German Shepard and it was very sweet, I even pet it once. Every since then, I've wanted one.
How much does one usually cost?

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Check out the American Kennel Club page for recommended breeders...they can go anywhere from $500 for a backyard breeder's dog, to in the several thousands for a pure-blood. Or, you could go to the ASPCA (assuming you are American! lol!) to get one for about $150. There are sooooooooo many dogs out there in need of a good home! You can adopt one from a rescue agency - there are many German Shepherd rescue organisations, instead of giving your money to a breeder, and save some money, as well as a dog's life!
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