As always, Corrina gave an awesome answer! Wow, I was unaware of the basic root difference between the two types of hair. My roots now I have less confusion about my own hair type. Thanks, Corrina
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But again, root curl is only addressed in Andre Walker's system, not FIA. I know people with obvious 3a hair without root curl and people with obvious 2c (or even 2b) hair that have root curl. That's why I stopped using Andre Walker's system (that and I got tired of all of the talk of sidewalk chalk vs sharpies). It's completely possible that if you use strict definitions of each of these systems you could end up with two different types, especially when you're dealing with the 2c vs 3a confusion.

Because I initially was unsure of 2c/3a myself, I read everything I could find on hair typing, even though I knew it wasn't important.

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