Hey guys!
I've been wearing a weave for 6 months now, and I don't let my hair out since I was born. I had horrible experiences with relaxers so I'm natural now.. But I'm tired of being kind of ashamed of my hair. I wanted it to be strong and be able to retain length.. I just learned about all this whole world of Afro hair care.. And I am about to start my journey, and I wanna texlax my hair on my birthday ( 5th april) bcz I have 4c thin and dry hair.. And I don't know what to take care of it while it's a weave.. And I always wanted my hair to be shoulder length since I was born.. But I never got there. do you guys have any advice?
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I don't know much about weave since I have only had one once and took it out after a week. But I'm fairly sure you are not supposed to leave it in for 6 months or get weaves back to back. I have heard people are supposed to give their hair breaks from weave and it sounds like you don't. If you plan to texlax then you should research how to take care of texlaxed hair. I personally think you should ditch the weave until then and start learning to take care of your hair. That includes learning your hair properties and Im not talking hair type. if you need to wear a wig so you can still have easy access to your hair. Good luck.
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