Hey all. I just joined so I can learn how to better style my hair, look for tips, etc. I've got 3C hair and I'm half Caucasian, half African American. I used to straighten and dye my hair a lot but for the past year and a half or so I've been going natural.

My goal is to grow my hair out (it's around shoulder length at the moment), but because of what I did to it I'm also going to try to take better care of it and get it healthy again. I just got my ends trimmed today (yay!) and I am starting my new holiday job tomorrow, so I'm going to wear my hair down and natural.

When I was in middle school I caught a lot of crap for my hair. A kid in the trumpet section of our band class used to call me "afro girl" all the time and another girl would point and laugh and say "look at her hair!" I didn't know what to do with my hair as brushing was too painful so I'd let it just be. Well, this resulted in a ginormous mat that had to be cut out, and my hair was styled into a bob to hide that. The upside is, a friend of mine said I looked like Halle Barry Downside is, my self esteem took a hit so I'm just now learning to love and appreciate my natural curls.

TLDR-- What's up? 3C who is going natural so as to repair the damage from too much straightening so my hair can grow out. Nice to meet you!

EDIT: The products I use are VO5 moisture milks conditioner, Garnier Fructise leave-in, Africa's Best hair balm, and a finishing serum. I just started using Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong condish to help fix the damage I've done from excessive heat. I mix it with the VO5 and leave it on my hair, then wash it out and mix the Honey I'm Strong with my leave in and put that on. I found a curl lengthener today when I got my hair trimmed so I'm going to start experimenting with that.

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