Hello all of my Naturally Curly ladies! I am new on the scene here, I just did my big chop 2 weeks ago and I have a TWA. I am having a few issues with my hair though: First, since I have cut it, it has been shedding. I mean, I just run my fingers over or through my hair and hair comes out on my hands. And this was not the case before I cut it. Is this normal? I don't think so myself but I am seeking your opinions! And I just took a comb to my hair last night, for the first time since I cut it. I was detangling with my fingernails. Secondly, my hair is as dry as sin. And I have been putting Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Repair Cream in it, followed by coconut oil, every day. And it is still so dry. It seems like my hair just drinks the coconut oil! Lastly, I have been trying to find new products for my hair, both to moisturize and define the curl. I purchased the African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Bouncy Curls Pudding. It may work for some but my tresses don't dig it. Leaves them dry and does not define the curl at all. Now, the Cantu leave in really defines my curls but I want something else. I don't think I should be putting leave-in in my hair everyday. I've also started wetting it with plain water before I put the Cantu in. So, any product suggestions ladies? Help me please, help me please!!! <3