Israel keeps the Palestinians living in appallingly inhumane conditions and carries out assassinations as it pleases. And Israel has to know exactly what this will lead to, so they're essentially trying to incite Palestinian violence. Some Palestinians resort to firing their shoddy rockets at Israel, and Israel uses it as an excuse to rain down bombs on civilians with its infinitely superior firepower. Once Israel gets tired of that, they impose even worse restrictions on the Palestinians, again trying to provoke violence.

And it's not like I'm saying anything profound or particularly astute here. It's a cycle perpetuated by Israel and only Israel is in a position to end it. And we Americans could facilitate that if we stopped endorsing Israel's every action. Although, some people who work closely with the president confided to the NY Times that to a significant extent, the US government is working with Israel to appease its leadership and keep the country from bombing Iran.

By the way, feminism is not a justification for ethnic cleansing and imperialism.

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