By the way, feminism is not a justification for ethnic cleansing and imperialism.
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I assume that comment was directed to me. "Feminism" has nothing to do with what I meant, and I don't want to appear to be worried about Western women's rights in light of human decimation. Being anti-women is devaluing half of humanity. This half (women) happens to be expendable to Hamas, as shown in their lack of protection of civilians, including women and children, and the ridiculous laws they impose upon women to keep them incapable of escaping their captive lifestyles. The situation between Israel and Palestine is one of the most painful, perplexing conflicts that affects many of us in these times. The reality is that both sides are wrong about some things, and both sides are also right about some things, but neither side will compromise. This indecision is like a bacterial breeding ground for the ilk of Hamas.

The reason those "shoddy" rockets don't injure and kill Israelis is the Iron Dome. And the Iron Dome cannot intercept every rocket. Hamas knows that sooner or later one or more will hit Tel Aviv, or even Jerusalem, and no matter how many Palestinians die because of Israeli retaliation, Hamas won't stop the bombings.

What should Israel do? Should the entire state up and move to Canada? Even if that happened, Hamas and its radical friends wouldn't stop their terrorism! They would get their 8000 miles of land and continue to try to decimate democracy and impose Sharia until somebody finally stops them.

How can Israel improve the "living conditions" in Gaza while Israel is subjected to continual attacks? I am not condoning illegal settlements, or occupation, and, of course, not ethnic cleansing! I am aware that there are racist factions in Israel, and definitely in Israel's current government, and I think it's completely unacceptable. I absolutely do not have any answers...the whole situation leaves me (and the rest of the world) at a loss.

Hamas rejects Israel's existence. They use the Gaza strip as a means to get closer to Israel to terrorize and weaken the state. Palestinian citizens mean nothing to them except human targets to make Israel look bad in the international community. If Hamas cared about Palestinians maybe it would stop buying arms from Iran and improve the living conditions in Gaza.

I simply cannot find any proof that Israel carelessly or intentionally fires at civilians. (I don't read Arabic so I have no idea what Al Jazeera is saying. Not that its a paradigm of journalistic integrity). Hamas uses human targets at the same time they attack. I just don't see how Israel "perpetuates" this cycle. Israel moved out of Gaza, Hamas moved in, and Hamas has been attacking Israel ever since.

Hamas, today, claimed it is committed to continued confrontation with Israel. I wish somebody could intervene and stop this mess! But what other government is willing to endanger its people and subject them to the terrors of Hamas?
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