Isabela, Violeta, Alesandra, Elena, Lilia, Anisa, and in the "stupid, but I like it category", Azl, Casandra, Camila, Leyla.

Alexis, Ethan (though it breaks my rule about names being plausible in English and Spanish), Alejandro, Alejo, Jaime, Mauro, Diego. I like the Portuguese version/equivalent of Juan much better.
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I do the same thing! I've always had a tough time coming up with names that I think could be pronounced correctly according to the rules of both languages. My name is Kyla (first part rhymes with pie) and Spanish speakers tend to pronounce it as Kee-lah. Which I hate. Grates on my ears.

I've always thought about Mia or Jasmin for a girl. I'd never thought of and really like Casandra and Leyla (but that one is too close to my name). And a side note, BF's adorable daughter's middle name is Anisa. I'd never heard it before I met her! She frequently refers to herself as Anisa. I definitely approve!

For boys, well, BF's name is Victor. So is his dad. And his older brother (who has a different father), so while I like the name, and would like to follow with tradition, there are just too many Victors in my life

William, oddly enough, is a very popular male name here in PR, and was also the name of my paternal grandfather, so I feel a connection there.

Other than that, I'm not a big fan of many male names common in Spanish. I tend to prefer names like Isaac, Nathan, Ethan.
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