Not sure where else to put this on the board, so I'm putting it here. I volunteered in Coney Island today. Although things are near normal in most of the city, there are still a few areas where people are suffering of which Coney Island is one. Some people there still don't have power and many businesses are closed. I was actually sent to Seagate, the next neighborhood over from Coney Island that was also hard hit. Had never set foot there before today. It's a gated community and they controlled who was able to enter. The need is too great over there right now for them to restrict who can enter so I was able to go right on through. The wall separating Seagate from Coney Island was destroyed. I helped a family over there clean up. It was a tremendous experience. Their house was right next to the beach and was totally damaged. Back door ripped off, debris and sand all over the house, no running water, you name it. I and several other volunteers swept up the house and cleared a lot of the debris. The family's house still isn't that habitable but it looked halfway decent. They were so grateful. I was very moved by it all. Why can't people look past our differences and be this helpful and grateful all the time?
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what a wonderful, generous thing to do. I wish I could do more from here in Ca. My family is originally from Brooklyn, my aunt lives in Rockaway, Queens, which was so devastated by flood and fire. Again' thank you.
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