I tried it and I totally, totally LOVE it. OMG, I love it more than Deva Foam, Kinky Curly, and the six hundred other products in my stash (groan). I got this as a sample and I'll have to buy it now.

The thing is, I followed this great video on Youtube by Veronica Meza which is somewhere on nc.com. I have to find that and thank whoever posted it. So my success is mostly the CK, but the video (she uses CK) was also helpful.

There are a lot of videos of curlies using CK with AG: Recoil Curl Activator. If CK on its own or water activated doesn't give me that elusive 2nd day hair, I'll try that combo. YEA to this thread.!!
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yay! I love Curlkeeper. Let us know how second day hair works out for you. I do find that if I use just a dab (about a dime size) of a strong hold gel (like joigel) on top of CK, it helps me achieve better second day hair. I still get good day hair with just curlkeeper though.