I think I always felt it was right at the time. The stuff that I should have picked up on that's wrong, I didn't see until after. That's love for ya.

I love falling in love too. I love the anxiousness, nervousness, the wondering what he's doing, if he feels the same way, the wanting to talk to him constantly but holding back BC you don't know the boundaries of the relationship. The knot in your stomach.

Some people don't like that part. I love it.

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I love that part! But I don't consider it love at all. I believe love is what comes after that. When you're no longer nervous because you trust him completely, and no longer anxious because you know you're gonna have an amazing time even if you get a flat tire and the food is terrible. To me it's love when the boundaries aren't there anymore. When you have no need to hold back.
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I agree. The part that comes after is the real stuff. The important stuff.

But to me, that's *being* in love, whereas the *falling* in love is all the "rainbows and puppy dogs" stuff.

But, again, that's just how I personally differentiate the two.
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Agree 100%

Very well said!!