the house i have wanted to own for the past 40 years since i first laid eyes on it is for sale!

my sister told me that she went shopping downtown yesterday because mom is well enough to not need constant tending and there's a For-Sale sign on the lawn.

on Lakeshore Boulevard West, all the way around Humber Bay going toward the part of the city my family has always lived in, there is one row of houses that can only be called mansions. they all date to the late 1800s/early 1900s. the biggest one was bought by the Polish government after the communists were routed and it became their consulate in Toronto.

i briefly worked at a summer job with a young man who lived in one of those houses (about 30 years ago); it had belonged to his great-grandparents. he was acting as a care-taker because his grandfather was in a nursing home. years later, the house was abandoned and fell into disrepair. maybe it really was haunted, like my former co-worker said. it was sold a few years ago and torn down for a monster house.

right next door to that house is a smaller red brick one with a gorgeous conservatory on one side. i remember going past that house for years seeing tall palm fronds scraping the glass ceiling of that conservatory. the house backs on to the lake and has an unobstructed view across the bay to the city. there is a perfect view of every major fireworks show.

at some point in the past 10 years, this house, too, was abandoned.

and now it's for sale - for


and i'd be willing to be that whoever buys it, will tear it down and put up a monster house.

even if my office pool won the lottery on Friday night, my share wouldn't be enough money for me to buy and restore the house.

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