i've had lots of freaky dreams lately, but most of them haven't stayed with me long enough to write them down - which is probably a good thing!

last night, i was in some mysterious European city - there were mountains and ocean, the terrain looked that area around the top of the Ligurian Sea from Cannes, France to Livorno, Italy. but everyone spoke with a British accent!

i was a travelling companion for someone i called Uncle, but he wasn't familiar to me.

we were driving up the mountains from the sea in some fancy car and there were tunnels as we climbed and ever more beautiful views in every direction. the car came out of one tunnel and there was a casino in front of us and my uncle insisted we go in to play.

he made a beeline for a poker table and got involved in a VERY high stakes game with some people. after a couple of hands, it was him and one other man - a stereotypical bored European playboy. he went all in with about 3/4 of a million dollars and i'm trying to stop him thinking he's going to lose everything.

but my uncle had an ace-high straight to the other guys' two pair.

a few minutes later, we walked out into the sunshine and my uncle pointed to the beautiful homes overlooking the sea and told me to pick one - it was all for me!

and then i woke up!

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