I was stalking Rose Mcgowan, who I found out was child hood friends with kenneth pinyan....who died from having sex with a horse. So I read the story about how he died from having sex with a horse. lawds of lawds. At least there was no images. What is this world I live in.
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I just googled. That was so much worse than I assumed. How do you get a horse to do that to a person?

I kind of hate you right now.
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I couldn't figure out how he got the horse to do that either. that's all I wondered...and that guy who filmed it, got in trouble multiple times after that for more sex with animals! DA hell?!!

At least the horses were okay...

My friend from up north didn't know what boiled peanuts were, she saw them and thought they were disgusting...then one day she tried them and she's been obsessed ever since.