I'm still waiting to hear back from 1 of the 3 schools I applied to for spring admission. I got into two but I would much rather go to the third one since its cheaper and its more conveniently located.

If (hopefully....when) I get this job I'm thinking about whether it would be wise to defer until the fall. One of the reasons I applied for spring was because I was expecting to already be working for a few months. If I were to get a job now or while I'm already in school, I'd have to get acclimated to both environments at the same time. That isn't ideal. I also didn't want to be out of school for a year.

But I think it would be better to defer since the science classes I need to take should be taken in sequence. Or I can just take electives in the spring, take summer school and hit the bricks in the fall. I just don't want to be out of school and out of work at the same time.

I've also been thinking about my career goals and I do think I'm on a good path. I remember when I was considering doing a masters in public health and I have now realized, after some actual experience in healthcare, that I still want/need to do that. MD/MPH programs are what I'm aiming for. Yep, that feels right.

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Originally Posted by CocoT

You are so awesome.

I've put off applying to anything because the thought of it makes me want to throw up.
Also the recommendation letters are the biggest turn off, every professor at my school as the reputation of being horrible at writing recommendation letters, as in they procrastinate doing it, so you have to bug the hell out of them

I also want one from my boss, but she's very....slack also, I mean she's busy, and would put it off also.

It's very annoying.
I also don't like the feels of rejection so I don't want to apply. Which is why I didn't want to apply for colleges in high school either, I just wanted to got community college because they accept everyone. But then my father made me. I already missed my date to apply to a big time university that is 5 seconds from my house.
The whole thing makes me want to vomit.

Good luck cocot!

How'd you do your recommendation letters btw?
Actually anyone answer.

My school also sucks because our advisers are professors, which means they don't really give af, about your life after college they just want to tell you what classes to take and kick you out of their office. (AND THEY DON'T CARE IF THE CLASSES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING YOU LIKE HOW MANY PLANT CLASSES HAVE I TAKEN WHEN I CARE NOTHING OF PLANTS) I wanted to write that on my exit survey but I had to hand it to my adviser LOL, so I didn't want him to read it. Because I was gonna rip him a new one.