No doubt Hamas is anti-women but until Israel decides to stop giving their Ultra-Orthodox community so much leeway it's absurd to to bring that up us some kind of justification for anything. Forcing women to move to the back of the bus? Throwing stones at women AND children for not dressing how the orthodox think they should? Oh, but it's only Hamas that are the women-hating barbarians in the region. Right.
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My point was that Israel purposely does not build weapons manufacturers and house militants in non-military places.

Believe me, I'm not saying Israel government is perfect or faultless. Israel is an incredibly complicated place, politically and culturally. Please don't forget that Israelis are often at the "mercy" of their government's actions, (just like us). The kind of religious zealotry you mention regarding Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox), is the same type of fundamentalism practiced by Hamas, who are able to shoot missiles, not just throw rocks.

The Ultra-Orthodox communities in NYC, Kiryas Joel, etc. have the same practices as the communities in Jerusalem, and they too, often clash with government. In the US, separate communities are tolerated, because there's room for them, as shown also with Orthodox Islam communities, Christian communities (priests-nuns,etc.), Amish, Mennonite, Jehovah's Witness, Native American practices, Ramakrishna monasteries, etc. etc. The difference in how the overall population reacts to them is that the US is more careful not to let the "laws" of these sects trump the Constitution. Israel doesn't have a written constitution.

The violence of the Jewish settlers boggles the mind. I can't help but think of Oklahoma City, Waco, Warren Jeffs...I think there are cases where it is exaggerated by the media, but the overall attitude of the settlers value of themselves vs. others is impossible for me to grasp. Israel's current government manipulates these people to the point of being pathetic.

However, back to the original conversation: Taking away the military capabilities of Hamas, and making the borders less murderous, could be a step in the right direction toward compromise. I think it's becoming more and more apparent that win/lose isn't an option.
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