I do comb my hair with water and conditioner. I have to dry untangle in the morning when I undo my hair because it has gotten all tangled in the night. I don't mean completely combing it out.
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I also love the KCNT. It's magic!
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Lol, yeah I don't think I'd actually have hair if I did that. XD

It is working amazingly, but as someone else suggested it is going by pretty fast. I think I'm just going to make the effort to comb my hair out more in the shower with just water. I used to try to comb it at little as possibly to stop it from shedding too much, but doing that seems to be working oppositely. It gets tangled and I'm forced to break it to untangle it. I'm not interested in dreadlocks so I'm just going to have to spend 1 mins a night when I shower combing it out gentle with water.

I really appreciate all the advice everyone!