I have been watching YT videos for this natural stylist named Damian Walters. At first I thought he was informative and amusing but it started to make me uncomfortable how he mocks his clients right in their face. Now some seems in jest but some seems down right mean. But if they keep going back and allowing him to put that mess on YT then that is them. Also I noticed he talks a lot about natural hair but I have watched a lot of videos by him and his lady partner and yet to see a natural with a fully finish style that wasn't weaved, loced or straightened. No loose naturals like myself. And he talks so much trash about cowashing, shea butter, curl definers, ect. I mean he thinks sb is the debil. Sorry but he is not going to run a pressing comb through someone's hair and see me give much credict to a lecture from him about damage. His partner admitted she has heat damage BTW. And when he started talking about "typical" african american hair and I was thinking what?? Are we not individuals?? My hair hates strong protein treatments. This man acts like his you know what doesn't stink and he knows everything about everything and everyone else who says differently is stupid. BTW which is why I stopped going to stylists four years ago. Of course they were dismissing us do it yourselfers. I will keep my cowashes and my shea butter and my healthy hair and my money. Thanks you very much.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.