I finally got some great pics of my daughters hair. The nape has formed curls, the area above that is more like a z with no defined curls. The front, a combination of defined curls but more undefined ones.

How do i use gels or product to have a uniformed curly look? It seems to me that if i dont do twistous, there is no way to get the area above the nape to get a curl shape at all.

My daughter has low porosity, coarse hair. I think she is a 4b and 4c. In summer it shrinks a lot. In dry summer days, curls relax a bit.

The pics show how the hair from the back dries. Nape= defined shiny curls. Other area= fluffy no defined curls. What do i do?Name:  ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1353268035.868734.jpg
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