The company told the union they were closing down if they didn't settle by Thursday evening. OK, so now 18,500 employees have no job as opposed to having a job making less. I have been in the same boat. Personally, I would rather have the job even if my pay was less and benefits cut. Where are these people going to find work now? Having been in a union and also having been salaried, this is one of the reasons I am anti union.
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Hostess was going down and those jobs were going away no matter what. This has less to do with unions and more to do with the fact that people just don't eat that crap like they used to. Thank god!

They tried healthier offerings to boost business. It didn't work. Not surprisingly, a company that makes fake, sugary, unhealthy "food" doesn't know how to make healthy food options that taste good and people want to buy.