My HR dept just takes applications and forwards them to the department heads. a lot of people send resumes directly to department heads.
Do you guys think the issue is ethnic first names or last names or both? it seems to me certain last names would be giveaways to if someone is Asian, Latino, ect.
I used to date a guy last name Mohammad from Africa and he told me most people he knew by that name in the US were using a different name because of discrimination.
My first name is "ethnic" depending on how you pronounce it.
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I believe its last names. But it could be both. My last name is Arabic my first is Italian. When ppl meet me in interviews they expect someone else. For a very long time I was getting no response to my applications. I contemplated using my maiden name which is unmistakeably American but then I got a call.

There are some employers who jump on diverse names when hiring & are disappointed that its a regular old African American female when the interview comes.

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