Monster & other job sites are not to blame. Its HR people. Sometimes ppl of color in hiring positions being biased.

Every teardrop is a waterfall
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This case is the saddest of all. Even if the person was under pressure to be biased, I just don't see how they could stay in that role. I know some don't have the financial flexibility to be selective, but personally it would worry my conscience.
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I have an issue like that now. I work for a place that represents defendants in,discrimination lawsuits. Its a real moral issue for me. So was going for another job. Now that I got one I'm leaving.

Every teardrop is a waterfall
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I must be really late or have very bad memory, congratulations on the new job lady!

My HR dept just takes applications and forwards them to the department heads. a lot of people send resumes directly to department heads.
Do you guys think the issue is ethnic first names or last names or both? it seems to me certain last names would be giveaways to if someone is Asian, Latino, ect.
I used to date a guy last name Mohammad from Africa and he told me most people he knew by that name in the US were using a different name because of discrimination.
My first name is "ethnic" depending on how you pronounce it.
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I think it is both. Any way that someone can "identify" you, they will. In the case of your first name having multiple pronunciations, they will use your last name as a guide, IMO. When you meet someone for the first time that knows your name, but has never had a conversation with you, do they pronounce your name in an "ethnic" way? My last name is a dead give away. They normally just give up and call me by my first name which is Christian, even when it is inappropriate (professional settings).
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