Back in the swing of things since the train system is back-up.

I have a phone interview tomorrow and an in-person interview on Tuesday, and another that sounds nice that we are trying to coordinate a date.

I applied to TONS of receptionist/admin jobs today with my special receptionist/admin resume. I stress how at every job I've ever had, I've always also taken-on the role of receptionist/admin and that I love those type of tasks. (And I do! And I would so be very perfectly happy with a receptionist job in a nice office right now.)

I just read a Joel Osteen book called I Declare and it made me feel a lot better. Stuff had gone down at my most previous job after I left and it made me realize that these were truly not nice people...and in this book, yes, it's cheesy and he talks about Jesus a loot, but he says something about how God will remove bad people from your life.

And that's why I got fired! They were bad people and shouldn't have been in my life. Thinking of it that way makes me feel better.

EVERYONE's hours got cut big-time for the week after next...we're all a bit confused...hope it's just temporary.