I'm glad to see your update. I lost my dad last Xmas after a 3 yr battle with pancreatic cancer. He was still in remission when a new type of cancer unrelated to the pancreatic showed up and killed him. I don't want to be a downer - my point was that he was in remission from PanCan that was originally classified as locally advanced, inoperable adenocarcinoma, and they originally told him he would have maybe six months. We got three years. Living on borrowed time makes you look at life so differently! Please give your mom a HUGE hug.

Anyway, protein, b vitamins, vitamin D, and omegas and fish oil will help the hair situation. Protein shakes with fruit, a bunch of kale and a spoonful of high quality (non fishy) oils are an easy way to get them in. I assume she can't have seeds or nuts now, but if she can, grind them and use them in the shake too. :-)

Best of luck to you and her!

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