Your chemically straightened is my version of cropped high and tight. Though I do cut mine every three months, I have my stylist leave it longer. I kind of like it when it grows into a 'fro-mullett combo.
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Wow, every three months? Well that's should keep your hair looking healthy! Only cut mine every 6 mth.s to a year lol.

On another note, I don't think I could picture you in anything other than your gorgeous head of curls.
Thanks. It was so long ago I barely recall how it looked. But once in a while I stumble upon an old picture of myself and it all comes rushing back at me again like a nightmare haha.
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My stylist was somewhat surprised lately when I asked her to leave it longer after cutting it. Three months is about right for me. Perfect balance between letting the curls do their thing and have it look healthy. The only way I'll go short and cropped again is if I'm 55 and balding. In which case I'd ask to borrow some of your hair.