I just stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe and bought:
  • Source Naturals Magnesium Malate 1250 mg (for 3 tabs)
  • KAL Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg (for 2 tabs)
  • Reserveage Organics Resveratrol 250 mg (for weight, heart, cholesterol, etc)
So should I only take one of the mags to start and adjust? I was going to start with the mag malate, but each tab would be @400. Would that be too much?
Originally Posted by CurliLocks
Good choices Each tab isnt 400. That tablet would be too big to swallow. lol. If you look at the serving size then the amount of magnesium and divide that, you'll get the amount. I'm not sure what the 1250mg refers to. For the malate you need 3 tablets to get 425mg magnesium.
I like to start slow- around 200mg morning and night. My dr suggests starting at 400mg twice a day but that killed my stomach which can be sensitive. Malate is best taken in the morning and glycinate at night.