I was 22 and still residing with Mommi. She'd known for a while how I was frustrated with the length and condition of my hair. Just before I was gonna do a relaxer retouch, I took a close look at my hair. Then I set out all the products I'd been using and took a long hard look at them. I threw a few items in the trash along with the relaxer & neutralizer.

When Mommi got home that evening I said, "I've decided that the only way to get my hair where I want it to be is to start from scratch. So I'mma stop relaxing it and give my hair a break."

She liked the idea and smiled saying, "Good! I'm proud of you."

Birth Feb 1984, First press 1990, First relaxer 1992, Last relaxer Oct 2006, BC Sept 2007, 4c.....