So Nov. 16 th I did my first Big Chop. I was transing for a year and four months. Now hair has always been a very big thing with me. So for me to chop my hair off I knew I was going to cry. I started laughing and I felt so wonderful about what I did. My mom would put relaxer in our hair a young ages for me I was 12. I thought thats what I had to do to let girls at my school know I was black(stupid I know) Later on I would do It because I wanted to have hair just like white people. I was not taught as a child that God did not mess up with how he made me.So July 7 th 2011 I put my last relaxer in my hair. OMG It has been so so so so so hard. I love the fact that I could look up things online and see so many beautiful women starting a new life with their hair journey. Now I just hope my hair grows back lol. When I look at my face I do see a women I dont know. So I have to get to know me all over again. It is scary cause I am thinking Im not pretty with curly hair. So I am in that phase of I love I love it not. I came to this site cause I need help from women just like me who has done the Big Chop send me before and after pic pls and if you Big Chopped years ago let me see how long your hair is now.
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