Another concern of mine...that would be unique to this group. I worry about my hair. My hair needs to be wet, conditioned and detangled every day. I was only down for a day with my cyst surgery...but my hair was a tangled mess. I even wet it...combed it all out and had conditioner in it when I went to the hospital to try to help. It seems like with this surgery it may be a bit before u feel u can properly tend to ur hair....I'm afraid I'd be bald by
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Can't you put it up in a bun?

About your needing the long incision if you get the hyst...even still, is it possible to have that done robotically? The robot automatically cauterizes everything as it cuts, so there is no bleeding afterward and everything is semi healed before the surgery is even over.

What would you be getting taken out?

So sorry you are going thru all this.

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