I'm from a biracial family. My mother is Cuban/Jamaican while my father is Jamaican/Scottish. Thus I have an interesting mix of hair. I've been "natural" all of my life, however my mother started to straighten my hair when I was 9 because I complained about it (This is what I was told haha). My hair has constantly been straightened until 2010(ish). From then on I've been trying to wear my hair curly as much as I can because I found out that my hair was slowly falling out. I've lost about 4 inches from my hair and now I'm trying to regain it back. I do actually enjoy my hair now. It's frizzy, but it's mine and there's not much I can do about it.

I'm having a really hard time figuring out what type of hair I have. I believe it's a mix of 3C - 4A(Or maybe 4B too). The front of my hair has very VERY little curl pattern at all. It's actually quite straight. The roots of my hair is usually bushy even when I put products in it. The middle of my hair strands are curly in S waves (Or curls.. please forgive my terminologies). And my ends tend to be on the straighter side. In a day or so if my hair does not get water on it at all it becomes very straight as if I had blowdried it.

Maybe someone could help me out with identifying my hair type? It would be greatly appreciated.

This is my texture after air-drying with no product (Most of these were taken in Jamaica so humid air may have made them a bit puffier than usual)

My hair a bit damp (Do you see my straight ends? T_T)

Wet hair (My normal curl pattern)