Oh yeah, I went out on a first date this past Saturday. He told me he got divorced 8 years ago bc his wife cheated on him w/ one of her coworkers. And wghile we were eating dinner, who should walk into the restaurant but the guy she cheated with.

So we get into a long (and whiny) conversation about that. And then he directs me to a video of him on Youtube in which he is reciting a poem he wrote to help him deal with affrair. But in the poem, he takes on the persona of the guy she cheated with (presumably bc he believes he knows the thoughts and motivation of the guy and the details oft heir affair). And he told a friend at work about the video and soon the whole huge company knew about and it caused so much controversy and ill will, he got demoted.

And he actually shot the video in the parking lot of the church I attend.

so freakin weird!