I haven't had a bad cut in years! I've been going to the same person for 6 years. For some reason this last time I went in she cut it A LOT shorter than I anticipated. She always blows it straight which I don't love but go with it anyways. I washed it Friday and did my normal routine. My curls just were not there. On Saturday I washed with shampoo and my curls came more alive. Back to using NoPoo today and I have some more curls but I'm still struggling with the style. My curls are still lacking!

I have one co-worker that always states the obvious. For example if I'm wearing glasses instead of contacts she will say "You're wearing glasses". Well, this morning I walked by her office and said good morning and she made me stop and walk back to her office. Her comment, "Your hair is short". Yeah, I KNOW!

I'm thinking about wearing headbands for a while. Any suggestions?

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