My character is a fourteen year old girl. Her name is Isabel(Izzy for a nickname) because thats what i want to name my daughter if i ever have one. She has long wavy dark brown hair. She has dark eyes and olive skin. She is a tomboy. She is sarcastic a lot and can be stubborn and hotheaded. She loves soccer and softball. She loves music and books. Music is her life. Her favorite music genre is rock music. She has two older siblings who she would die for. She has a nephew and a niece who she loves. Her favorite color is black. She hates mean girls and girls that act helpless. She loves video games. She hates dresses, skirts, high heels, and makeup. She hates shopping. She only fights when she needs too. She hates girls that physically fight over boys. She views guys as friends. She hates having girls as friends because of drama. She has dyslexia and ADHD. She lives in the south.
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I think it's a really good start - there are a lot of details. She needs to be fleshed out but that will happen as your story develops.

About her view of girls and girly things: I can see why other people have a problem with this, but I think it can work and still be a good character. This is a fairly common thing especially for younger girls, so it is realistic - you just have to flesh out in your story *why* she hates girly things, and prefers to be friends with guys. "Girls start drama/are jealous" is too shallow, people are more complex than that.....most girls' ability to relate to other girls and guys goes back to how they were raised, their relationship with their mother and father, and how they view femininity (are girls "weak"? is femininity beautiful? pros and cons?) and masculinity.

I would def go into her history.....what friends has shse had, was she bullied by girls, etc.

Anyway, good luck with your story! I wish I could find the time to write for fun again (I mean....I could but, lazy).

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