That's it. Right there. And yet, the U.S. is filled with Catholic-run hospitals, which concerns me greatly. (But I think some get around the issue by having a separate, connected-but-not-quite-connected facility that offers some of these "forbidden" services).
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Yes but you have the option not to go to a catholic hospital.
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Not necessarily. In some places the Catholic hospital is the biggest around and takes over all the smaller, local hospitals, so there's no other option for several miles.
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yes, even though there are other hospitals, a hospital is not a can be very hard to walk out of one and just go to another. Especially if you are there for an emergency. This is a super tricky issue because of the nature of hospitals....I remember hearing stories about women who had been raped being denied Plan B at faith-based hospitals. Churches have the right to run hospitals and schools without interferance from the government, but individuals also the have the right to not have their care dicated by someone else's religion. I'm not really sure what the answer is, or if I'm comfortable *forcing* Catholic hospitals to do certain procedures. Maybe an easier way of getting patients who need those procedures to hospitals that do provide them, without any judgement or interference.

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