Hello to every curly,

I am quite new here and an even more new on CG method. I have been using CG method the past 2 weeks(I know it's ridiculously early) with 2 co-washes per week. My hair type varies since before co-washing I would consider it as a 2c with frizz but after co-wash it seems something between 2b-2c. I think it has a medium to high porosity, a medium density, medium hair width and are bra-strap lenghted but they need a cut. I have always had a natural curl that seemed to show more when I cut my hair with layers. I have never straightened my hair until the age of 19-20 when I started dying my hair also. Oh forgot to tell that! I don't bleach neither over dye my hair but some damage happens.I want to keep dying my hair though but with the less damage possible. I am not sure what else to write so :