You do have the option to go to a non-catholic hospital, but what if you are in an ambulance and that is the closest hospital? Would you tell them to go to a further away hospital, just to insure you will have a shot to live?

This woman was dying. the baby was dying. It seemed like the baby was going to die no matter what. the hospital let this woman die, imo. she could had been saved.
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I know, I don't agree, but at least here there are other options if a catholic run hospital does that. What sucks is that you'd have to know ahead of time and just disregard religious hospitals.
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Before you go anywhere you would have to research hospitals. What if Johns Hopkins Hospital was a catholic hospital? (I swear it seems they are taking over every hospital in Baltimore city.) there would be no non-catholic churches.

I remember my cousin's last pregnancy was high risk. The doctors were afraid they would have to be a choice between my cousin's life and the baby's. Having to make a horrible choice like that was hell for my cousin. But she had two other kids she had to think about. and she had to tell the doctors if anything should happen, try to save her. What if she was at this hospital where they just made the decision for her? she would be dead. and where would my two little cousins have gone? Thankfully, the baby survived and the choice between lives didnt have to be made.
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Wow that's weird, I always assumed it's a given you save the mother's life. Why would it ever logically be the other way around unless you specify or a religious church?