It sounds to me like the lady was locing your hair. I can't think of anyone on CT who does twist outs with beeswax.

Anyway, the first thing we usually tell people to do is figure out the properties of their hair. What is your porosity level or how well does your hair absorb? Does your hair crave, hate or is pretty much neutral to protein? Is your hair fine or coarse? High density or low density? Figuring this out will help us better help you as far as offering advice about products and routine. For example if your hair hates protein we wouldn't suggest a product like Mane-N-Tail. You have to maintain a balance of protein and moisture in the hair. Too much protein and your hair will become dry and brittle and break off. Too much moisture and your hair become limp and lifeless and breaks off.

Just as some initial advice I would try going CG or if you have scalp problems use modified CG where you use a non sulfate shampoo poo and see how that does for. Try leaving a little conditioner in your hair and then running a little oil over it to seal. Oils and butter help to lock in moisture. Which oil your hair like best is a matter or trial and error but they don't call it a hair journey for nothing.

I think your hair is beautiful and while we all have idols remember your hair has its own unique curls. Embrace that. Some people will say natural hair is unkempt and other negatives but pay them no mind.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.