Not necessarily. In some places the Catholic hospital is the biggest around and takes over all the smaller, local hospitals, so there's no other option for several miles.
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yes, even though there are other hospitals, a hospital is not a can be very hard to walk out of one and just go to another.
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It is hard, but you still can. If a life is in danger, you have nothing to lose. My bfs dad was in a hospital and the doctor told them he had hours to days to live. They called around and found another hospital that had a better solution. They took him out (of course the hospital tried to stop it), put him on a train for a few hours and went to another hospital. That was years ago and he is doing okay now.
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Unbelievable that they tried to stop him...

I was thinking more in terms of situations where you don't have the support or information. For example when I first moved to this city I had no family or friends here - if something had happened to me and I was in a hospital, and not fit or able to make big decisions or get up and leave, I would be basically at the mercy of the doctors and staff. Or what if the patient does have some family able to be there, but the family doesn't understand the issues, or there is a language barrier, etc?

We're still in agreement about things being better here than in countries with NO alternatives though

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