Spider, someone actually told you you needed to be popped in the mouth? Are you effen kidding?
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I am def not kidding.

I think he was partly kidding but also mostly serious.
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How do you kid with something like that? How do you respond when someone tells you something like that?

Reason 101 why I dont date. You ladies are brave!
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I said, "I wish a MF would try that!" LOL

It wasn't on a first date or anything. We were in a relationship. We would say the most awful things to each other. I actually thought it was funny but apparently, it would make him really mad.

The more I told people about our little spats, the more concerned they got.

And eventually, I got concerned, too. Not sure why. I never thought he would actually do anything to me. IDK...I guess just bc he was nutty in general.