A co- worker posted this on Facebook. This is why I'm so glad not to work for some douchbag company that many have become.

Shared status follows:

The more I read about "Papa John" the gladder I am to work for a company who:
Provides paid time off and full health insurance for any employee and their spouse/dependents who work an average of 20hrs/week (AND recognizes domestic partnerships in states that don't allow gay marriage)

Doesn't raise prices on goods for the customer (or employee {so far anyway}) when health insurance premiums go up

Was affected by hurricane Sandy (81 stores closed at some point, 2 stores are still closed) but found a way to continue paying employees based on their regular schedules of the stores that were closed even though they couldn't work (we're talking about hundreds if not thousands of people)

Delivered trucks and trucks and trucks of food, bottled water and energy bars to those affected and in need on the east coast as well as donated money to the Red Cross.

Does all of this not because it's the law or someone else had to explain that it's the right thing to do but because they believe it doesn't make sense any other way-- you hire the best, treat them the best, they do their best, the business is the best.

Ok, back to nap so I can make the world safe for groceries another day but I wanted to take an important moment to be sincerely grateful to work for a company with good morals and truly decent people. Hearts.
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