The company told the union they were closing down if they didn't settle by Thursday evening. OK, so now 18,500 employees have no job as opposed to having a job making less. I have been in the same boat. Personally, I would rather have the job even if my pay was less and benefits cut. Where are these people going to find work now? Having been in a union and also having been salaried, this is one of the reasons I am anti union.
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Yeah? Well, I make 32% less than I did 3 years ago because of union concessions. I also lost 8 years of severance pay and 4 weeks of sick time. Yeah, I still have a job, but I have so much resentment it eats at me and makes me hate the place I work. I now have no loyalty to them whatsoever and if I could get out of there I would.

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