I have pretty much the same hair specs. I don't have the patience to go full cg method, so I use Wen or Hair One, herbal Essence curl boosting mousse, and Nothing But Curls sealer for just a little extra weight for my top layer to keep fly always at bay. I can't do the proteins at all, but the wheat protein in Hair One doesn't hurt. I just can't use Soy or any gel or anything that has protein. I use a deep conditioning masque from salon Grafix (supposed to be like a generic of Wens deep treatment masque, but I doubt it). I do it about once a week. I've been messing with coconut oil too.

My biggest help is blow drying with a diffuser. I can't stand to wait for air drying and I never get as good of curls if I wait on it. Also I don't ever get day 2 hair. My top layer is not as curly as my middle so it really falls out and just gets flat and dry. I can revive with moisture, more quick drying, and a little mousse, but then I just feel dirty. And my hair won't last all second day, either.
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2nd day hair sucks!!!! That is exactly what my hair does no matter how I sleep on it or whatever I do!
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