You absolutely sound like my hair twin, except that I have thinner hair that I've had for my whole life.

I used to plop every morning for a long time as well. While it did give me tighter curls, they would be flatter against my head instead of voluminous.

I would experiment with using less oily/conditioning products that weigh the hair down and using more light hold gels or mousses, which give the hair definition and body.

I use DevaCurl one condition and AnGel, and they always work really well for me


not gonna lie, sometimes I use cheaper conditioners and gels from walmart... and as long as I do the same routine as I do with devacurl, my hair turns out the same.

This is exactly what I do:
  1. Co-wash with whatever conditioner, then rinse
  2. fully coat my hair with the conditioner and detangle
  3. flip hair upside down and scrunch out excess conditioner (I leave most of it in)
  4. flip back up, don't touch it while i dry off and do whatever
  5. scrunch upside down with a t shirt
  6. scrunch in good amount of gel upside down
  7. diffuse upside down until mostly dry
  8. flip back up and when it dries completely, go to the bathroom or something and shake your hair upside down and massage your scalp from underneath.

I know it looks long, but this whole hair routine takes me about 20 minutes from conditioned to diffused... but then again I have done plenty of experimenting.

Good Luck, I hope you find what works best for you!

3a, medium width, low density, low porosity.
CG since March 31st, 2012.

  • Co-wash with DevaCurl One Condition
  • Style with Devacurl AnGel or Ultra Hold Gel
  • Diffuse upside down
  • Lavender mist on second-day hair
"Straighten your curls and you might be happy for a day. Learn to love and care for your curls, and you'll be happy for life! - Lorraine Massey