I want to brighten my henna-

I have hennaed my hair for almost two years now, and considering bleaching some areas of my hair by applying a baking soda/peroxide paste. Once I get the lighter color, perhaps in a week or two henna my whole head. I am hoping to get the brighter red from henna (as if placed on blonde hair... henna experts chime in.

Is this reasonable? How can I get brighter henna? I've used redraj & jamilla and the WOW factor isn't there... I know using henna alone won't give the WOW factor but what can? I wanna stick to the natural route.
doing my own thing... the mention of salon's make me
Jamila brand HENNA IS MY NEW LOVE!
CO, Elucene brand moisturizing shampoo/ moisturizing conditioners, AVJ/ACV rinses are in my arsenal of staple products. My hair DOES like silicones... Organix Argan Oil is a keeper.