what a beautiful hair your daughter has!

there's a lot to learn about how to handle curly hair! Most of the curlies here are fan of the Curly Girl (CG) method, witch includes no sulfates (found in most shampoo's, yes even in most shampoo's 'for curly hair') and no silicone's. Because curly hair is very easy dry and damaged, it is best to wash with conditioner or a shampoo without (harsh) sulfates and use a lot of conditioner. Because you skip the sulfates, you can't use silicone's because you can only get silicones out of your hair with sulfates. If you use silicones but no sulfates, the hair becomes limp because of the build-up from the silicones. Also brushing/combing curly hair is not a good idea, unless the hair is soaking whet and full of conditioner when you are detangling it.

I would really recommend the curly girl book, what subbrock also said. But also a lot of information on this website is very good. Maybe look for some articles about 'no shampoo method'.

I know MopTop has some products for curly, child hair (it goes with the name 'fuzzy duck'). They are silicone and sulfate free. Before you are using them on your daughters hair, wash one more time with a shampoo with sulfates (and no silicones) to remove possible silicone build-up. After that you can start with using only sulfate and silicone free products on your daughters hair.

good luck!
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