It does fine with KCCC, and the front was curlier, but I still don't like how it feels. Even now that it's been combed out (wide-tooth), it still feels rough and dry. Those 1c pieces dry almost straight, with a slight curve, like a used a wide-barrel curling iron on them. Half the back is straight (see pic below). In the pic, it was scrunched, but I hadn't combed it yet.

I went to Sally's and ended up getting the 4Naturals Curly Wave Serum. I looked at both, as well as the Shea Moisture Milk. Nobody has done a review on the Serum yet, not even on Amazon, and it's marked just for wavies, so I thought I'd be a guinea pig and try it out. So tomorrow I will comment on that and take pics. I did want a comparison with the KCCC, so I did this today.

I think you are right about my curls, though, and I think part of my problem is the length right now. When it gets longer, I think it will be much easier to wear curly. It's just so uneven right now. I think curl will start showing up in the back the longer it gets.

Averages out at 2b, ranges from 1c to 3a, very fine
Mane 'n Tail co-wash + leave-in
Clarifying shampoo every few weeks
Lavender Allergy